Dance & Sing EP

by The Remnant

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Our debut EP, funded by our amazing fans! Enjoy!


released March 18, 2014

©2014 The Remnant
All rights reserved.
Produced & Mastered by The Lab Studio



all rights reserved


The Remnant Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We play our music joyfully, knowing we could not do any of this on our own. Now we want to share that music with you.

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Track Name: He is Here
You were at the start, speaking out of love, You God, You God
You taught light to shine, You told land how far, You God, You God
Everything was made for singing

He is here, not so far away from each of us is He
Come see Him as He is
God is here, it's in Him we live and move and have our being
He is here

Painter of the skies, Author of this life, You are, You are
Every breath in me, fashioned for Your fame, You God, You God
Everyone was made for sing

You are, you are right here with me
Track Name: Image
Long before the world existed, God, you stood in perfect fullness
Father, Spirit, Son, as one

You are the Image of the Unseen God -- The Savior of sinners, here to save us
You are the Image of the Unseen God -- Magnificent Maker, the Lord of all

In your love you came to bring us back again, give life-- redeem us
On the cross you bore our blame, now we're crying out your fame

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things
To Jesus be glory forever
Track Name: Joy in My Heart
How sweet to be freed from all the fruitless joys I once feared to lose
You came and you replaced all the sinful hungers for the world- with joy

You who outshine all light have illumined truth and life to me
Joy that is exceeding in the Sovereign God over everything

You have put more joy in my heart
Than any other thing, than any other thing
You have put more joy in my heart
Than any other thing, than any other thing

Idols they break promises, they have mouths but do not make a sound
But God who spoke and there was light, He is able, Will not fail
In bringing hoping souls delight

The center of my joy consists of this
That God, You dwell in perfect happiness
Track Name: Dance & Sing
I will never drink form that cup, from that cup
It's poison was taken away
The weight that I was under, it holds me no longer
'cause Jesus came and bore my sinful shame

Dance and sing at this great word you hear
God has saved and drawn the sinner near

What love is this that He would call us his
What love the father gives
Track Name: This I Know
The Lord He is my Shepherd all the time
He guides, protects and help He will supply
I'll never need a thing apart from what He gives
The Shepherd always provides for His sheep

The Lord he is my Shepherd in the dark
When danger looms about He is not far
I'll always be at peace when He is next to me
The Shepherd always watches all His sheep

He loves me this I know
For He tells me so

The Lord He is my Shepherd for all days
Forever He will shower me with grace
I'll boast in Him alone, and be glad for He's my Joy
The Shepherd always loving all His sheep
Track Name: Promises
God of truth, there are no lies, in all your speech, Your Word is life
Your heart is good, steadfast in love, You're excellent, in all wisdom

All my trust is in what You have said
Standing firm on all You have promised

God of might, You cannot fail, Your purpose will, it will prevail
You satisfy the longing soul, You're for my good, forevermore

God of peace, You've purchased me, By Your blood, I am redeemed
Your every Word is Yes in Christ, and all your joy is my delight